Systems Engineer (Contractor)

Job Reference: GTL-2019-04-102

Location: Germany

The Systems Engineer shall contribute to maintaining the overall systems design documentation of the existing and future ground segment level systems, data processing systems and multi-mission elements (MME’s). When the evolution of these systems are proposed and implemented, the engineer shall analyse them and verify the system and interfaces coherence.

Task :

In the role of service to the maintenance and evolution activities of the operational programs:

  • Contribute to the System Requirements Definition process and/or maintaining existing requirements baselines;
  • Contribute to the maintenance, for all the operational ground systems, of a complete and consistent set of System Technical Documentation and the baseline;
  • Contribute to the creation of System Engineering models of Ground Systems using an MBSE approach (e.g. Enterprise Architect) and/or maintaining existing model baselines;
  • Perform technical analysis of system architecture and specification evolution or major upgrades of the operational ground systems, for interfaces coherence and compatibility check with other ongoing developments;
  • Contribute to the IV&V testing approach for major evolution of the operational ground systems and contribute to the co-ordination of the installation, integration and verification of new systems into the operational infrastructure;
  • Contribute to the various OPS & TSS Projects and associated reviews, as required, providing System Engineering contributions during the design phase and contribute actively to the definition of the IV&V activities;
  • Contribute to the assessment of Engineering Tasks providing System Engineering expertise to CRB’s and ARB’s;
  • Contribute to the impact analysis of ICT evolution in operational systems.
  • Contribute to the analysis, investigations and resolution of system and ground segment level anomalies;
  • Provide expert inputs to engineers on all related activities as requested;
  • Contribution to the OPS regular coordination processes as requested.

In the role of services to the development of new programs :

  • Participate to the description of the system architecture and interfaces between external systems and the mission specific elements of the ground system (including data processing systems and MMEs);
  • In coordination with the system and interface engineers of the future ground segment, ensure that the definition and documentation of new interfaces are compatible with the methodology used in Operations; this includes the use of common templates for Interface Control Document and the use of the same tool for maintaining the interfaces data dictionary;
  • Provide support to the definition of the IV & V approach for the future ground systems

For the development and maintenance of ground segment systems:

  • Applied client's engineering method
  • Participation in daily coordination meetings
  • Technical reporting

Profile :

  • Experience in the field of Systems Engineering and architectural design for data processing systems, MMEs and ground segment systems;
  • Capability to prepare system requirements and design documents, and to perform system-level analyses for complex satellite-based systems
  • Experience of writing technical requirements (preferably to ECSS standards).
  • Experience of interface management and definition.
  • Familiarity with mechanisms and tools for detailed interface definition.
  • Capability to prepare and manage ICD.
  • Use of modelling and design languages for System Engineering (e.g. SysML) and tools in support of architectural design activities (e.g. Enterprise Architect);
  • Knowledge of space and ground system engineering processes, and system and software life-cycles and standards.
  • Definition, management and traceability of requirements structure with the support of dedicated tools (e.g. DOORS).
  • Experience in Integration, Verification and Validation (IV&V) of complex systems.Engineer (w / m / d) or equivalent education
  • Knowledge of Data Processing and IV&V for Ground Segment is mandatory
  • Knowledge on the following fields are desirable :
    • Dissemination
    • Archive Systems
    • Ground Stations
    • Computer Systems
    • Mission Control and Monitoring Systems
  • Knowledge and /or experience on the following areas would be an advantage:
    • Full development cycle of large systems, from the definition of requirements to system design and testing;
    • Configuration Control processes and tools;
    • ECSS standards.