Grafton Technology

Optical Test Engineer

Job Reference: GTL-2020-02-102

Location: Cork City, Ireland

Our Client is seeking to hire a test engineer to help further the development of its leading edge photo-sensor technology. The candidate will lead in the design, build and verification of a bench-top test setup to verify Our Client’s sensors in LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) performance, including the optimal design for the sensor package. The candidate will also be involved in the wafer-level test of Our Client’s sensors and manage the evaluation of dies prior to packaging. In the first 3 months the candidate will evaluate and improve an existing LiDAR setup. In the first 6 months an improved LiDAR setup will be created. In one year, a portable LiDAR test bench will be designed and built to demonstrate 3D imaging performance. Throughout the period the candidate will be evaluating sensors at die level as part of the development effort in conjunction with the process engineer responsible.

Task & Responsibilities

  • Develop LiDAR test benches for evaluation of PixQuanta sensors.
  • Conduct wafer level testing of Our Clien't sensors.
  • Consultations with (international) clients and scientists.
  • Evaluate, test and choose packages for Our Client’s sensors and manage the package supply chain through 3rd parties, including wafer dice, and/or back-grind, and die packaging.
  • Conducting package level qualification and test.
  • Prepare the AIT phase by making procedures and arranging people and facilities
  • Conducting functional test such as LiDAR or imaging.

Required Experience :

  • Electro-Optical testing of discrete components.
  • Analogue circuit design. 
  • Experience with RF circuit design (in particular for optical receivers).
  • Able to plan, organize, and to interact with different disciplines. 
  • Wafer probe testing and using a semiconductor analyser.
  • Good working knowledge of diode laser technologies in the visible-SWIR wavelength range. 
  • Good knowledge of imaging technologies

Qualifications :
  • Engineering or physics degree at Master’s level or higher.
  • Must be familiar with silicon CMOS devices.
  • Must be familiar with high-speed RF techniques.
  • Must be dynamic, motivated, creative thinker who can work independently and in small teams, and available to travel when required
  • Must have exceptional communication skills.

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