Optical AIT Manager

Job Reference: GTL-2019-07-104

Location: Netherlands

Our client products and services - including solar arrays, launcher structures, instruments, systems & services, and mechanical thermal products - are among the best in the world. They enable missions that are of great importance for our everyday life on Earth, such as satellite navigation, communications, climate research and the monitoring of air quality.

Task & Responsibilities

  • Assembly and Testing of optical instrument for space missions
  • ‘On time’ and ‘on budget’ execution of AIT activities and all other aspects, such as quality monitoring.
  • Consultations with (international) clients and scientists.
  • Review the design and test requirements on assembly feasibility, if necessary you consult the designers.
  • Translate the requirements into an Assembly, Integration and Test plan.
  • Prepare the AIT phase by making procedures and arranging people and facilities
  • Instrument and managing the AIT project team. The AIT team usually has a staff of five to ten employees - depending on the phase of the project - and consists of a range of mechanical, electrical, software and test engineers, supplemented if necessary, with optical, calibration, cleanliness, thermal and alignment specialists.

Qualifications and Skills :

  • Technical higher or university education, supplemented with 10 years of relevant working experience with integration of optical instruments.
  • Strong background in the electrical and software domain. 
  • Understand specialists and estimate the (biggest) risks. 
  • Able to plan, organize, and to interact with different disciplines. 
  • Realization of complex projects in a technical environment and leading a project team is not new for you. 
  • You can express yourself fluently in English, both in speech and in writing. 
  • Customer, Result and Quality Oriented
  • Good Collaborator and Communicator
  • Stress resistant