Flight Software Manager

Job Reference: GTL-2018-08-106

Location: Guildford, United Kingdom

Our Client looking for a dynamic and motivated manager to lead the Flight Software Team both from a technical/delivery perspective and also the pastoral care & personal development of the team.

The Flight Software Team is responsible for all software on the satellite, from the safety task running on the on board computers, to the embedded software in equipments.

Key Tasks :

  • Ensure effective plans are in place to deliver all work and work packages, to the appropriate quality level, within project budget and schedule constraints. · Establish relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to enable regular monitoring of team status and reporting thereof.
  • Ensure that the team’s current and forward planning of workload is fully scoped and managed through the resource planning tool.
  • Proactively resolve issues such as resource limitations, potential resource clashes and identify skill gaps for future recruitment activities.
  • Ensure that all lead engineers within the team meet the requirements of work packages they are responsible for, that their plans are valid, achievable and coherent with company working practices.
  • Work with Project Managers, Heads of Engineering and other managers, to identify and resolve any resource conflicts or problems before they impact upon project progress. 
  • Ensure team level policies and procedures are in place to allow consistent and coherent team output, in line with the company approach to Engineering. 
  • Ensure the team has the skills required to deliver current and future projects in line with the company strategy and vision, and there is a viable plan in place to retain and develop team members with a particular view to succession planning and single point failures. 
  • Develop, train and mentor team members ensuring annual PDRs are completed and personal development plans are in place. 
  • Lead the ongoing activities to capture and maintain the long term Business Line Roadmaps describing the future capabilities needed to acquire in order to remain competitive in the global market, including identification of needed technology developments. 
  • To ensure the team overall keeps up to date with current state of the art through attendance at conferences, training and market research. 
  • Work with Business Line Directors and Engineering Director to identify new Payload concepts and study activities to support their long term strategy. Provide technical input and leadership to business development activities. 
  • Undertake software development work as required. 
Key Skills, Attributes and Experience:  

  • Excellent people management skills, able to motivate individuals and lead the team. 
  • Good inter-personal skills; be able to communicate clearly and effectively, and influence and persuade others. 
  • Able to provide regular feedback and hold difficult conversations 
  • Ability to delegate work and empower people effectively. 
  • Flexibility to be able to change plans and priorities based on changing project and business needs. 
  • Desire to support and guide others. 
  • Organised; good project/time management skills, able to resolve conflicting priorities and demands within a pressurised environment. 
  • Results focused; able to take responsibility. 
  • Pro-active and flexible with a can-do attitude: willing to challenge the status quo, drive the company forwards and identifying efficiencies. 
  • Good technical writing and presentation (generating and delivering) skills. 
  • Proven experience in software engineering, particularly for embedded software written in C. 
  • Knowledge of good Software Engineering practices and development lifecycle. 
  • Use of Embedded Operating Systems. (e.g. VxWorks, QNX, RTEMS).

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