Embedded Software Designer

Job Reference: GTL-2019-07-103

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Task & Responsibilities:

  • Participating in architectural trade studies;

  • Define and apply development standards (in the frame of ECSS or DO-178)

  • Writing software documentation.

  • Implementing feedback control algorithms and safety/monitoring functions on a target processor;

  • Taking an active role in the preliminary tests to eliminate bugs;

  •  Support formal test activities for software validation;

  •  Participate to formal test activities of other equivalent software.

Qualifications and Skills :

  • Deep knowledge of C.
  • Eclipse development environment.
  • Knowledge of assembly is a plus.
  • Knowledge of some communication bus protocols is a plus (SPI, 1553, μAFDX …).
  • Knowledge of C++.
  • Basic knowledge of electronic design.
  • Knowledge of Matlab Simulink is a plus.
  • Knowledge of SCADE is a plus.
  • Five year experience in embedded software for critical applications (this means application which will endanger the lives of people or expensive installations in case of failure).
  • An experience in aerospace development is a plus.
  • A practical knowledge of DO-178 (and possibly DO-254) is a plus.