Analogue Design Engineer

Job Reference : GTL-2017-12-109

Location: United Kingdom

The role is a permanent position and the successful candidate will be based in Harwell, UK.


This role exists to deliver on the technical requirements of client projects. The incumbent is expected to lead on meeting the technical requirements for complex projects including full systems integration involving hardware and software solutions. They are expected to deliver on contracted project requirements in a timely and cost efficient manner with care taken to meet all legal and regulatory requirements.


  • Develop system concepts and architectures for new and existing space payload and system.
  • PCB/Hardware design from cradle to grave.
  • Determine systems architecture specifications and working parameters for hardware and software compatibility and co-ordinate the development of subsystems to integrate the total system.
  • Apply mature engineering knowledge to large and/or complex projects in the design of products or tools.
  • Ensure the complete and timely preparation of project materials and services in line with the technical specifications of the contract.
  • Provide for the drafting and submission of purchase orders.
  • Carry out the technical evaluation of suppliers and contactors.
  • Carry out the technical controls and tests for each project.


  • Have a BSC or MSC or PhD degree in Engineering, Science or equivalent.
  • Minimum of 3 years hands on experience in the space sector and knowledgeable of the ECSS standards.
  • Software: Altium
  • Knows how to do Technical Documentation
  • Knowledge and experience in the design (from preliminary – detailed design phase – delivery stage of all schematic diagram for production)
  • Konwledge, analysis, integration and/or test of space payload system hardware.
  • Right to work in the UK is sufficient.

Analogue Design Engineer

Job Reference: GTL-2017-12-109

Location: Harwell, United Kingdom

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